About Us

FOPP exists to enable volunteers to help in the prison.  Many prisons use volunteers to help with visits, but HMP Peterborough seems to be unique in making use of volunteers to help deliver lessons and other support services throughout the prison. 

Our primary aim is defined in our tagline, “Supporting Prisoners, their Families and Friends”.  We believe our activities help to reduce re-offending, which benefits the whole of society in many ways.

We provide ongoing training and support for all our volunteers and have been awarded the prestigious Five-Star Focus accreditation in recognition of our excellent volunteer management.

In addition to two formal meetings per year for all volunteers (held in the Learning & Development Centre), FOPP volunteers also enjoy two social gatherings during the year; one takes place during a summer afternoon/evening, and the other is a Christmas dinner held one evening in December.  This means that on at least four occasions each year, volunteers can meet up as a group, allowing individuals to meet other volunteers who they may not normally see as part of their regular volunteering pattern.

Read on to find out more about what we do, how our organisation is structured and how to contact us…


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