Here you can find reports and other documents, such as financial statements, relating to the management of FOPP. 

This survey was conducted in November 2020 to inform the directors how volunteers felt at that time about returning to their roles in the prison when conditions permit.  The full report contained additional personal responses to some of the questions, but here is the summary report with the statistical results:


This annual report was written by our FOPP Chair, Jen Robertson, on 26th October and was circulated to all volunteers by email:


FOPP has a duty of care to its employees and volunteers under the Health & Safety at Work legislation.  The responsibility for complying with the legislation falls to the board of directors.  Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the directors have been discussing how best to mitigate the risks when we are all eventually allowed back into the prison.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Jane Ryan, has been the first person to return to the prison, working a few hours per week in the office.  Before doing so, the directors (in consultation with Jane) undertook a risk assessment and issued guidance/instructions to Jane on what measures she should take to ensure her own safety and that of others.  You can see our risk assessment below.

Although our Tea Bar Assistant is not yet able to return to work (because the tea bar remains closed at present), the directors will undertake an appropriate risk assessment and we will make that available here in due course. 

Similarly, we will consider whether we should undertake risk assessments for our volunteers in the various parts of the prison.  We will be discussing this matter with the prison management at the appropriate time.  Again, the results of any such assessments will be published here for your information.

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There are 3 parts to the accounts for the year ending 30th June 2020.  They consist of the Profit and Loss Account, the Balance Sheet and the Accounts Notes.  You can view each of them by expanding the panes below.  To make it easier for you to interpret the accounts, the panes will remain open once viewed, so you can easily scroll between the notes and the accounts.