Safeguarding Policy

We take Safeguarding seriously, and undertake to report without delay, any concerns relating  either to people in prison or visitors and their children. 

By definition, all people in prison in both the male and female prisons are vulnerable adults.  Some of those who come into the prison to visit prisoners may themselves be vulnerable adults, and they may well be accompanied by children.

As we go about our activities, we need to be alert to anything that causes us concern.  This might range from such things as learning about a person being bullied on the wing, to noticing a child left unsupervised in the play area near the FOPP Tea-Bar.  It is vitally important that we do not turn a blind eye to these concerns but report them promptly to make sure the matter is addressed.  Don’t forget to consider your own safeguarding, too.

Make your concerns known to the prison’s Safeguarding team without delay, and they will take up the matter with those involved.  Their telephone numbers are:

For Adults:

    • Safer Prisons Manager Male estate: 01733 217 500 ext. 3324
    • Safer Prisons Manager Female estate: 01733 217 500 ext. 5324

For Children:

    • Safeguarding Children Lead: 01733 217 500 ext. 7119, or
    • Perinatal MBU Manager: 01733 217 500 ext. 3402

Please also make sure that our Volunteer Coordinator is aware that you have raised a concern.  If necessary, she will offer you support during the reporting process.  Unless there is a good reason not to do so, it is obviously polite to tell the member of staff who is responsible for you while you are in the prison that you intend to report a concern.

Volunteers receive more detailed advice on what to look out for and what steps they should take to report any concerns.  Full details of our policy and procedures are available to volunteers under “Resources” in the Members Area of our website.



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