Learning & Development Centre

The Learning & Development Centre is located in a separate building, outside the prison and between the visitors and staff car parks as shown below:

Image showing location of Learning & Development Centre

Here you can see the Learning & Development Centre (circled in yellow) at the bottom right-hand corner of the image, with the visitors car park to the left of it.  Follow the footpath that runs from the prison entrance behind the car park, go through the gate at the side of the building and you will find the entrance door in the brick wall  visible in this image.

The building is where new officers undergo much of their basic training, and experienced staff take regular refresher courses in various aspects of their work. 

FOPP is able to borrow the building for twice-yearly volunteer meetings and we sometimes join prison staff here as part of our training and development (e.g. personal safety, safeguarding, etc.).

Because the Learning & Development Centre is outside the prison, the usual restrictions on what we can take into the prison do not apply.  So mobile phones, for example, are not prohibited but it is obviously polite to make sure they are turned off or to silent so they cannot disrupt the session.  It is a good idea, (though not essential) to wear your FOPP identification badge/lanyard.


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