I was educated at Eliots Green Grammar School in Northolt, Middx. My passion was/is History which I took at ‘A’ level together with Economics and Maths, the latter being a mistake. I joined the Pearl Assurance in High Holborn and whilst there studied to be an accountant. In 1975 I was ‘Certified’; many muttered ‘not before time’.

I ascended to Peterborough in 1989 as part of the second wave of ‘Pearlies’ to decamp to the sticks and took to the country life well, despite subsequently developing hay fever or possibly smog withdrawal symptoms.

After raising a family (nineties), then becoming a Pearl Pensioner (late noughties) I decided the time was right to start voluntary work. I was attracted by the chance to get involved in education, ‘a path not followed’ in working life. I thought (still think) that helping prisoners and their families is one of the most worthwhile of causes, hence I landed up at FOPP.

After about two years as a teaching assistant in Maths (simple only) and English as a foreign language (in ESOL classes), I decided I could also offer my bookkeeping skills to the organisation thus, at the least, saving accountancy fees. I was welcomed onto the Board by Hilary and her fellow Directors and have enjoyed my time there ever since. I subsequently retired from the teaching assistant role and am now happy to be a Director, Co-Treasurer and General Dogsbody.

Also easily spotted in a crowd as nearly two metres tall.


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