FOPP Annual Meeting 2021

Following an absence of a formal meeting last year because of the Coronavirus restrictions, we were delighted to hold our Annual Meeting in person again this year.  The meeting was held in the Learning and Development Centre at the prison, with the familiar masks/social distancing precautions in place.  We were treated to a much anticipated update from the prison Director, Mr. Damian Evans, explaining how the pandemic has impacted the normal prison routine and how this has affected those in his care.

There was good news for FOPP as Mr. Evans confirmed that he was keen to get our volunteers back in the prison to resume their usual roles as soon as possibly practical.  FOPP directors are now actively working with the prison management towards this goal.  It was also made clear that re-opening the Tea Bar in the Visitor Centre is seen as a priority.

As it is so long since we have been allowed into the establishment, all volunteers were reminded of our responsibility to maintain confidentiality, and our attention was drawn to the Confidentiality Agreement that we all sign on becoming accepted as a volunteer.  The pertinent part of the document reads as follows:

I agree that I will not divulge any confidential information to anybody unless authorised to do so. This authority would come from the person sharing the confidential information unless it would lead to the harm of others or themselves or compromise the security of the establishment. All Volunteers should ensure that no discussion relating to individual users of the service takes place.

I will give no statements to any outside agencies, including the press or social media, about anything concerning the prison, staff, visitors or volunteers.

Copies of our Annual Report and Financial Accounts can be found on the Reports page in our Members’ Area.

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